A Different View

I took an Advanced Poetry Writing Class this past semester and this is one of the poems that I wrote.

A Different View

I have seen beavers chop down forests,

hippos slam into boats,

and chimpanzees spy on people;

but I have never seen llamas strum a guitar,

pandas dance to pop music,

or tigers text each other.


Do you ever wonder

how a polar bear decorates

a three-tiered chocolate cake

or how yaks dig up yams

in the garden at midnight?


Do you want to know

how silver foxes organize

their sock drawers,

how chinchillas calculate

how many hairs they have,

or how tapirs solve

logic problems while eating?


Do you ever want

to howl loudly at a full moon

or desire to scavenge

for bugs in one’s hair?


Do you ever speculate

what it’s like to hibernate

in the winter like bears,

to hang upside down

from tree branches like sloths,

or to fly for five to six years

without landing like waved albatross?


What do you think?

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