The Gazebo

Are there times when you need some peace and quiet? Is there a place you go to help clear your mind? I remember when my grandfather had passed away, I was so upset and confused about why he had died so young. I went to our gazebo at our lake house and I sat there wondering why God had taken him away from me and my family. I didn’t understand why it was his turn to go. I was angry and I didn’t know who to blame and so I blamed it on God. I went to our gazebo to get away from all the people saying their condolences that I couldn’t stand to hear anymore. I went to a place where I was comfortable to cry and let my anguish go. This gazebo has been my place to let go since the summer I was a rising 4th grader. Now as a senior who is about to head to college, I still rely on this gazebo as a place where I can reflect and let my emotions go. Since this gazebo was such a special place to me, I wrote a poem to reflect my thoughts about the gazebo.

The Gazebo

My lake house is where I feel safe

Because there is this just one quiet place

Where I go when I am feeling blue

It is located by Lilly Pad Bay

Where I can hear

Frogs croaking,

Birds singing,

Ducks quacking

I went there when my Papa died

To ask why, why, and why?

Why did he have to go?

I cried and cried

This place is now my comfort zone

I go there when I am feeling down

It is a gazebo with a roof

to keep the rain out

There are benches to sit upon

Inviting you to come and sit down

It takes my sadness

trades it with happiness

so, I sit there and wait

Listening to the

animal’s lovely sounds

trees blowing in the wind

my cousins and sisters

laughing and having fun

I sit out there just

waiting and listening

to nature calling me to come

so it can swallow my sadness away


What do you think?

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