Two halves of heart makes a whole

One half loves while the other knows, that

The knowledge of the future

Is a blanket of comfort for love.

Ten years pass on by

Like a glimpse of hope for immortality.

Pieces disappear and fade

While the tropical breeze grows stronger.

The pools of life grow smaller

And the scent of deep desire grows.

The hope for love and knowledge

Are yet to be defeated by the shadows themselves.

Love turns blue while the greens stand still

Locked in a deep embrace of white.

The roaring sound of an angry wind causes tears to brew, and

Drenching the earth with sharp blades of grass that sink wide.

The dark spots of light spread

Causing the laughter of shadows to arise above

And the holes of happiness to fill deep with greed

With Confidence to find an immortal goddess of wisdom.

The shell of goodness creates chaos

Of well-loved thoughts and the running of creativity.

The aroma of ruby red and white cooks up

A wild storm of hydrangeas and notes.

Two halves of a fruit make a whole

One half delightful and the other tart.

The hard shell of life

Is a protector of red rubies and white diamonds.


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